Introductory course and summer-school annoucement

It is our pleasure to announce the 1st summer-school and 1st introductory course of SUMMER project. These events will be held at the Department of Astronomy, University of Vienna, Austria, from the 27th to 31st August 2012. You will find the programs and organisational details on the links below.

The summer-school is the showcase event of SUMMER project. It is opened to all interested scientists/researchers/physicists/physicians and not only to the people from SUMMER partners. It targets primarily PhD students, Post-Doctoral fellows and young medical doctors but Group leaders and Graduate students with related background are also welcomed. It is the occasion to networking in the European research community. One of its objective is to establish common knowledge between various disciplines and promote interdisciplinary research.

The introductory course in registration and visualisation will be held just after the summer-school. The attendance is restricted to the people from SUMMER partners. The objective is to share a common knowledge and have a deep insight in registration and visualisation. It will be also the occasion to discuss the future tasks of all young researchers.

Please remind that a Board Meeting will be held on Monday 27th August, morning, before the summer-school. The Board member shall be attend or be represented.

In few words:
August 27 morning: Board Meeting
August 27-29: summer-school
August 30-31: introductory course

We are looking to meet all of you there. In the meantime, you can diffuse the summer-school announcement to your colleagues and networks.

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