Outreach activities


Book of the third summer-school of SUMMER project: “Multimodal imaging towards individualized radiotherapy treatments”, TU Delft, Editors: Laurent Massoptier and Yu Song, 14 chapters, 100 pages, July 2014 (ISBN: 978-94-6186-309-6), [Available here].

Book of the second summer-school of SUMMER project: “Innovative imaging to improve radiotherapy treatments”, Lulu Enterprises Inc Ed, Editors: Laurent Massoptier and Romain Viard, 16 chapters, 108 pages, July 2013 (ISBN: 978-1-291-60417-7), [Available here].


[2013-09-09] Press release made by UKL Freiburg related to the Introductory course in Freiburg, which had very positive and strong response. Indeed Prof. Nestle was interviewed on Sept. 16th by a reporter from the SWR (Südwestrundfunk) about the goals and the potential contents of SUMMER.

[2013-10-11] Press release made by FSL related to the Introductory course in Roma, which was published in the “Il Sole 24 ore” newspaper (online).

[2014-02-10] Press release made by AQUILAB after the midterm review meeting, which was published in “J’innove en Nord Pas de Calais” magazine (online).

[2014-03-19] Press article made by VRVis regarding visualization in medical imaging in which SUMMER was mentionned. Published in “Der Standard” newspaper.


Join SUMMER project: A4 poster to advertise the job opportunities offered by SUMMER project.