Miguel NUNES

My name is Miguel Nunes and I come from Braga, Portugal where I did my Bsc and Msc in informatics engineering at University of Minho.

During my Masters I had the chance to have my first international experience working for Bang&Olufsen at an innovation camp in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment. My Masters’ thesis was focused on interactive ray tracing in the field of Computer Graphics where I had the chance to work with low level programing, optimization and algorithms.

After my studies I gave some support to research on interactive story telling at the Computer Graphics Center in Guimarães, Portugal. Here I worked with a small team doing all sort of testing and development. After this, I moved to Lisbon to learn more in the corporate work environment. Here, I worked for two major consulting companies during approximately two years. I was able to work in both big and small teams, deal with tight schedules and develop software platforms for a wide number of clients and business areas.

Following my desire to do research, I applied to the SUMMER Project and I have been working here since August 2012, in Vienna, as an ESR.