Montserrat Carles Fariña comes from Valencia, Spain.

Her academic training combines instrumentation research, fundamental physics studies, laboratory skills and research work developed in medical environment. She got her Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the University of Valencia (2001-2006) where, during the last years, she developed a research work at the Optics Department. Once she graduated, she focused her career on medical imaging, starting with a fellowship at the Oncology Institute of Valencia (2006-2007). Her research work was focused on the validation of radiotherapy treatments with in vivo dosimetry. In 2007 she started the Medical Physics Master offered by the University of Valencia. This education provided her a deep knowledge of physic principles in the interaction of radiation with matter; dosimetry and protection radiation; and diagnosis and therapy imaging. In 2012 she finished her Ph.D at the Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC) research institute belonging to the CSIC(State Agency for National Research Council ) and to the UV (University of Valencia). The thesis project is registered in the Ph.D program “Technologies for Health and Welfare” at the Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Department of the University of Valencia. The Ph.D thesis (Image Quality Performance and Optimization in Positron Emission Tomography) is focused on overcoming limitations in the image response quality for the PET developed by their group.

Since September 2013, she joined UKL Freiburg for 18 months, as an Experienced Researcher for the SUMMER project. Her main role is to evaluate the SUMMER system demonstrator relating to the clinical use of PET images in combination of various biological tracers.