Anne LAPRIE MD,PhD is a Radiation Oncologist at the Institut Claudius Regaud since 1998.

She has a PhD in the field of Medical Physics and Medical Imaging, of which was year was performed at UCSF, (University of California in San Francisco- Magnetic Resonance Science Center) on MR spectroscopy. She is the Coordinating Investigator of a phase-III clinical trial for Glioblastoma “Spectro-Glio” (referenced here and here). This on-going French multi-institutional trial compares two treatments of radiotherapy for glioblastoma: the STUPP protocol versus a simultaneous integrated boost guided by MR spectroscopy imaging.

In addition, Anne is highly involved in the field of Paediatric Cancers, which are mainly brain tumors. She is in charge of the protontherapy project with Régis FERRAND for the new site of the Institut Universitaire du Cancer in Toulouse.