Andrea LARUELO comes from Oviedo, a nice city located in the north of Spain.

After finishing high school in her hometown, she moved to Madrid to study a MSc in Mathematics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). In the final year at University, she got a scholarship to participate in the European Space Agency (ESA) Internship Programme (Madrid, Spain).

After the traineeship, she got a contract to work as Software Engineer for the ESA within the Science Archives and Virtual Observatory Team. During this time she has been involved in a project whose aim was to develop and implement mathematical algorithms for digital signal analysis. She is really interested in medical applications of mathematics. She has been involved in a project related to algorithms for analysis of medical images with a Spanish Hospital (Puerta de Hierro, Madrid).

From September 2012, she will join as ESR to the SUMMER programme at Institut Claudius Regaud (Toulouse).