Institut Claudius Regaud

Short Description

The radiotherapy department of Institut Claudius Regaud exists since 1921, counts 10 seniors radiation oncologists, 7 seniors medical physicists, 2 engineers, 30 technicians. This department harbours a medico-physical translational and clinical research team dedicated to research in Imaging for radiotherapy in close collaboration with the department of imaging of ICR (Radiology and nuclear medicine) and INSERM UMR 825 cerebral imaging.

Head of the medico-physical translational and clinical research team at the radiation oncology department of ICR. Institut Claudius Regaud is the promoter of an ongoing multicenter, prospective, randomized trial on 220 patients with glioblastoma (A. Laprie PI), we aim at assessing the value of 3D-MRSI-based boosted radiotherapy for improving local control of the tumor and for increasing survival time.

People Involved

Scientist in Charge: Anne LAPRIE
Other involved researchers: Régis FERRAND, Soléakhéna KEN
Early Stage Researcher #7: Andrea LARUELO
Experienced Researcher #8: Benjamin ROWLAND

Contact Details

Institut Claudius Regaud
24, rue du pont St Pierre
31052 Toulouse – FRANCE
Phone: (+33) 5 67 69 63 09
Fax: (+33) 5 61 42 46 43