My Name is Anjana Ramkumar and I hail from the state of Tamil Nadu located in southern India. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Radiological Technology (4years) from the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Kochi, India. After my Bachelors I moved to the United Kingdom for my Masters in Medical Physics at the University of Surrey.

My training gave me a good theoretical as well practical knowledge about the functiong of a Radiotherapy Department. During my undergraduate and postgraduate training, I have worked with various radiotherapy as well as imaging softwares. I have come to realize that the existing softwares have many shortcomings and there is an immense scope for their improvement. This has been my primary driving force to apply for this PhD program. Having a good theory and practical training in radiotherapy and diagnosis and a keen interest in research, I consider myself a suitable candidate for this PhD position.

I started working on the SUMMER project at TU DELFT since November 2012 and my primary focus will involve segmentation softwares in radiotherapy planning.