My name is Anet and I come from a small town called Võru from south of Estonia.

I received my degree in Business Information Technology from the Tallinn University of Technology. My studies gave me a global understanding in all different aspects of IT – starting with databases modeling and ending with IT project management.

I started working part time next to my studies rather early and my work responsibilities varied from system analysis, graphical design to implementation of web-based solutions. I continued working in the field of developing web-based solutions until joining SUMMER project.

In addition I was active in a student organization called Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) where was able to practice project management in smaller and bigger scale. But my main passion here was to spread the knowledge on usability and co-creation.

My goal within the SUMMER project is to ensure that the solutions we come up with are what the end-users really need, usable and will improve the quality of radiotherapy.