My name is Jose Dolz and I come from Valencia, Spain, where I graduated in Telecommunications and Electrical engineering at Polytechnics University of Valencia(UPV), majoring in signal and image processing. Before finishing my degree I was erasmus student in Sweden, where I carried out my Master’s and I had my first contact with the industry in an international environment.

After finishing this stage, I worked as researcher in the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia(IBV), doing research in Computer Vision and Image Processing for biomechanics applications and where I already participated in European projects. In late 2011 I moved to a private company, where apart of my role as Computer Vision Engineer, I was in charge of managing the spanish office of the company. During this stage my research focused on Image Features extraction, markerless Image Matching and Tracking, Face Detection and Head Pose Estimation.

I joined to Aquilab in November 2012 as ESR. I am very excited to be part of the SUMMER project, and being able to successfully contribute to the field of external radiotherapy with my research.