Short Description

AQUILAB is a French company active in the field of the new healthcare technologies, providing healthcare centers with innovative software solutions to improve quality and precision of diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy treatments.
ARTISCAN is dedicated to internal quality assurance of medical and radiotherapy devices.
ARTIVIEW is used to prepare and evaluate radiotherapy treatment plans.
ARTISTRUCT is an exhaustive contouring evaluation solution in radiotherapy.
AQUILAB Share Place is a web products platform developed for radiotherapy facilitating clinical trials.

As an innovative company, AQUILAB leads autonomous research activities and developments by participating to research programs on Image Guided Radiotherapy, Automated QA and Clinical Evaluation.
AQUILAB’s staff has gained tremendous experience with successful participation in R&D projects funded at national and international level, including some projects and networks sponsored by the European Commission. AQUILAB’s staff also has a significant experience in leading collaborative projects of transfer of knowledge with different research academic institutions and personalities.
Most staff members involved in those Project have a dual background with both research academic and industrial experiences, leading to a great capacity to work in integrated team with staff from other companies and institutions located all over Europe.

AQUILAB has its office in Lille (France), located in Eurasanté Park, which is a site fully devoted to the bio-health sector. Eurasanté Park includes 7 Hospitals, 30 Research and Innovation labs, 3 health-related University Schools, 1 Engineering School and over 100 companies developing European-scale clusters in biotechnology, medical equipment and hospital engineering, and ICT sectors. AQUILAB is 30 employees company, including 4 experienced researchers and 9 computer scientists.

People Involved

Project Coordinator and Scientist in Charge: Laurent MASSOPTIER
Early Stage Researcher #1: Jose DOLZ
Experienced Researcher #2: Hortense KIRISLI

Contact Details

Parc Eurasanté – Lille Métropole
Biocentre A. Fleming
250 rue Salvador Allende
59120 Loos les Lille – FRANCE
Phone: (+33) 3 69 61 51 51
Fax: (+33) 3 69 61 51 50