The work plan is structured in the following 9 work-packages (WP).

WP1 - Oncological focus group will determine the oncological focus relevant for multi-modal imaging integration for radiation therapy.

WP2 – Ergonomic research and user interfaces will allow the Consortium to understand user needs and design a usable and medically suitable user interface for new imaging in radiotherapy, fitting to the ‘to be defined’ medical tasks, roles and goals.

WP3 – Multi-modality registration will provide a software package incorporating state of the art algorithms for rigid and non-rigid registration as well as dose mapping.

WP4 – Adaptive visualization will develop a novel application specific visualization framework that substantially advances the state of the art in interactive visualization of multi-modal, spatiotemporal and multivariate images in the context of radiotherapy planning. Ultimate goal is to support diagnostics, treatment planning and post treatment evaluations in an optimal way.

WP5 – Multimodality image processing will develop automatic segmentation algorithms to contour the target volume using the different functional imaging datasets (PET, MRS, fMRI). In parallel, an intuitive and interactive tool will be developed to delineate the organ at risks on anatomical images (CT, MRI).

WP6 – Technical research integration and quality assurancewill develop an overall system demonstrator by integrating all the different knowledge established and algorithm developed in the Project. It will be a good practical case for all the ESRs and ERs to dread the conception and development of comprehensive software.

WP7 – Project Training is focused on the training activities for the recruited ESRs and ERs.

WP8 – Project Management is dedicated to to the management activities. That will ensure that all knowledge is created and managed in a coordinated and coherent manner and that all technical activities, legal aspects and other issues are managed to a high standard.

Finally, the dissemination strategy will be carried out in WP9 – Project Dissemination and Outreach, which includes the setting up of this project website, sharing the knowledge within the Consortium, preparing scientific publications and planning some outreach activities towards the general public (for example, participation to European Science Week and the European Researchers’ Night).