Radiotherapy has reached a point where besides 3D tumour morphology, movements and biological variability within tumour can also be taken into account. However, current solutions of tumour identification and contouring do not support all medical goals and are difficult in use. Indeed, systems are stand alone applications, leaving the user mentally combining different information in their minds. “SUMMER” aims to blend the information in a comprehensible way, and to provide control of multi-modalities in one location, which has to be easily viewed. This is not trivial because information coming from the various images is sometimes of different level and kind.

“SUMMER” is devised to produce a unique software solution using all imaging techniques for biological target volume delineation, based on spatial co-registration of multi-modal morphologic and functional images. Furthermore, it will make additional biological information concerning tumour extension and tumour response available to radiotherapy, essential for treatment planning and patient treatment follow-up for evidence based medicine. Finally, the system will significantly contribute to clinical efforts on better targeting the tumour tissue while increasing the safety for normal tissues at risk.

Also, radiation oncology is now more dependent on medical imaging than it has ever been – and that dependence is only going to become greater. Therefore, convergence and collaboration of radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging, computer science and human factors is the underlying driver to integrate efficiently and cost-effectively all information coming from various imaging technologies into the RT work-flow.

“SUMMER” will contribute to renew and strengthen this relationship through cross-disciplinary research, common workshops, and collaboration on training and education.