In few words

Title: Software for the Use of Multi-Modality images in External Radiotherapy

Acronym: SUMMER

Keywords: oncology, external radiotherapy, computer engineering, multi-modal imaging, biological target volume, segmentation, registration, adaptive visualisation, work-flow analysis

Funding body: European Commision, FP7

Project type: PEOPLE

Marie Curie Action: Initial Training Network

Start date: 01 January 2012

Duration: 48 months


Aim at a glance

The corner stone objective of “SUMMER” is to agree on and develop mutual software console that radiation oncologists, physicians, physicists, radiologists can “share” to study, annotate and contour images in radiotherapy work-flow. In order to improve patient safety in radiotherapy the prime aim of “SUMMER” aim is to improve the precision of clinical target volume by the definition of a biological target volume, leading to define optimal radiotherapy planning and to appreciate patient treatment response during treatment in order to perform on-line treatment changes. The focus here is on optimization of patient treatment as well as support of evidence based medicine. An important deliverable is knowledge on how to combine all imaging information with novel segmentation tools and advanced computer vision algorithms in a fully integrated approach to information flow and work-flow. Ultimately, the technical and design knowledge should lead to working systems in clinical reality. Therefore, the new work-flow and technical system will fit well into the hospital chain of care. Although product development and commercialisation is not the main objective of the Project, this is the ultimate goal within a short term after the Project end.



This work is part of the SUMMER Marie Curie Research Training Network (PITN-GA-2011-290148), which is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission (FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN).

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